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Plan like a pro with these easy templates and guides!
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Let's be frank - Wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming. That is why our clients come to us to help them navigate the unknown journey. 

We know that hiring a Wedding Planner is a luxury, but we think everyone should have access to a little help! 

For the first time, we are sharing some of our guides and downloads that we use to plan our clients Weddings - with you! No matter where you are located, what your Wedding looks like or what your budget may be, these tools can help you feel in control of the planning process and figure out what's most important to YOU! 

Are you running into any of these questions?

  • What do I ask my vendors when i'm interviewing them?

  • What do I need to include in my Ceremony?

  • Where do I start with trying to seat my guests?


These are just some of the questions answers in our guides. And again, we cannot validate your feelings enough and tell you these are questions you WOULDN'T KNOW unless you happen to have planned a Wedding before. There are so many nuances with the Wedding industry that you can't possible know how it works without a little education. 

Our mix of checklists, templates and corresponding guides help walk you through each step of the planning process and turn you from a DIY Bride to a Professional Bride :) 

Below you can buy items A LA CARTE or get everything in one big download for savings with our Ultimate Wedding Planning Bundle. Whatever works best for you!

Don't know where to start?

Are you just at the beginning? Our Jumpstart Bundle is the perfect tool to lead you and your partner's conversation. You can also start with our FREE! Wedding Planning Timeline Checklist to see what you're getting into and how much help you think you'll need. 

Table Runners

Candle Holders/ Vases

Table Numbers


Charger Plates



Card Boxes

Wedding Planning - Digital Downloads

Kelly Elizabeth Events is an award winning Wedding Planning firm based in Boston, MA. While we work with full-service and design clients, our tools and guides are great for anyone planning their Wedding. Our easy worksheets help couples navigate the Wedding planning process and keep them organized.

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