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Our Experience Speaks For Itself

Boston Wedding Planner

When it comes to hiring a Wedding Planner, it's not an intuitive "yes" for everyone. While it may seem like an overwhelming investment, bringing on an expert to guide you through the nuances of Wedding planning can actually help you save money. From budget strategy to a large network of verified vendors, we work with you to ensure you are making the best decisions for your vision, every step of the way. 

We've put together a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. Instead of us telling you ourselves, we will let our experience speak for itself and you can hear it directly from the mouths of our clients.

What's it like to work with you?

"Kelly & her team are INCREDIBLE. Planning with Kelly is a joy — she's so knowledgeable about the industry, she really pays attention to the needs of her couples, and she's so fun to meet with. We wanted a fairly non-traditional day with a lot of unique flourishes (including sourcing therapy dogs, ribbon wands, and a big display for beer koozies). Kelly not only understood our vision, but she helped us make it even better and executed it with as much enthusiasm as we had. On the day of, Kelly and her team ran a tight ship. We ran on schedule (a miracle), every part of the venue looked incredible, and every tiny detail was planned for. Not only that, but I was so happy to be around her & her presence made me feel calm and ready for the day. We could not have executed our wedding weekend at the level of excellence Kelly and her team did. They truly made our dreams come true!"

         - Clara H

"Kelly’s attention to detail made my type A personality so happy and I absolutely loved her “wedding audit” feature, where we went through all the the details, run of show, and remaining to do list items together about 5 weeks before the wedding. This calmed our nerves and made the last few weeks before the wedding much less stressful and more enjoyable. Kelly became our voice of reason and we turned to her for advice and recommendations for all of the details. We truly valued her opinion and advice."

          - Courteney R

"In addition to being a great wedding planner, Kelly is also a fantastic human being."

          - Sahang-Hee H


"She felt like a friend, and honestly I wish I had another excuse to work with her."

           - Ariel C

"We though of just getting a week-of planner but after speaking with her and learning a bit more about what all wedding prep would entail we wanted her for the whole shebang. Throughout the entire year, Kelly was as involved as we needed her to be: if we wanted to take the lead on one item, she let us and made sure we knew she was an available resource if we needed help; if we needed her to step in and be our voice, she was there and ready. Kelly went above and beyond what we expected of a planner and no doubt in our minds she made our experience so much smoother and enjoyable. You will be in great hands if you choose Kelly Elizabeth Events."

            - Nora B

I know what I like and don't like but not sure how to put together a full vision, how do you help us with that?

"Kelly is a consummate professional. She is extremely organized, detail oriented, and has an eye for design. She made our wedding vision come to life in a way that felt very authentic to us as a couple. She truly listens, offers creative and unique suggestions, but is never pushy."

          - Ginger J

"I told Kelly I had momentarily doubted her design plan when she suggested a blue menu with the various design items we used, but when I saw the reception come together, I told her that she had been right all along and it was absolutely perfect!"

           - Allison H


"Working with Kelly was a dream come true...literally. Her vision is beautiful, and we trusted her endlessly."

            - Dee F


We don't live in Boston, are we still able to work with you?

"We decided to hire Kelly because we were planning our wedding from Germany, and we knew that planning a backyard wedding requires expertise. Kelly was exactly the person for the job! She was prepared to discuss every detail, including things we never would have realized we needed. Every time we FaceTimed, Kelly relieved us of all stress. She was professional, organized, detail oriented, and very enjoyable to work with! We had the most perfect wedding day, and we could not have done it without Kelly."

          - Lisa M


"Kelly was an absolute dream to work with! She's professional, thoughtful, creative, and makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire wedding process. Our wedding was in MA but my husband and I live in San Diego and Kelly had no hesitation about working with us from across the country! She recommended and communicated with vendors for us and somehow made us feel like we were part of every single detail without feeling overwhelmed"

            - Amy P

Our venue already has a coordinator, how do you work with them?

"We were initially hesitant about hiring a wedding planner, because our venue had an on-site event manager who would be assisting us. The day after our wedding, we looked back and both agreed that hiring Kelly Elizabeth Events was far and away, the best money we spent. We worked with Ashley Auger, who was incredible to work with. From the initial planning, to weekly follow up/check ins, coordinating all of our vendors, and her assistance with everything on the actual wedding day, we could not have had a better, more stress free experience. One of our biggest compliments from our wedding is how nicely everything flowed, and that we maximized every minute of our time. Ashley (and the KEE team) was the reason for that."

              - Jake V



"From my first phone call with her, I know that she "got it" and would be the exact person to keep us calm and happy leading up to and throughout our day. She is incredibly organized and puts all your worries at ease, no matter how big or small. She worked seamlessly with our venue coordinator and was not only a huge help to us as the bride and groom, but also to our bridal party, parents and vendors."

              - Allie L


"As a manager of a wedding venue in the Boston area, I have worked with many event planners. I had the pleasure of working with Kelly on a recent wedding - one that had to be rescheduled twice during the pandemic. She remained flexible, patient and calm as restrictions and guidelines constantly evolved. She did a great job of balancing the clients needs and visions with what was possible in the space. I would highly recommend Kelly as planner for any event!"

               - Michelle F

How do you work with other vendors?

"I had the pleasure of working with Kelly on a wedding this past weekend. She was incredibly kind, supportive and communicative. She made sure we were all on the same page regarding details pertaining to the schedule, the couple and the multiple vendors on site. She continuously checked in with our band and made sure we were able to do our job to the best of our ability. She went above and beyond for the couple, the guests and all of the vendors. I highly suggest working with her as well as hiring her for your events!"

              - Joy J

"As a wedding photographer, she makes my job so much easier so I can do my best work for my couples. I love her team mentality, and that she is also a joy to be around. I can’t recommend her enough!"

              - Addie R

Is it worth the investment?

"In all, there is no price on a piece of mind and the ability to be able to truly enjoy your wedding day. If that is what you are looking for, Kelly is the person for the job."

            - Patrick M


"If you've ever doubted whether you needed a wedding planner, let me tell you that you definitely do. Kelly's company is the one to hire and I will be recommending her to everyone I know."

            - Allison H


"On our special day, all my hubby and I had to do was show up. She made sure everything was beautiful so that we could focus on relaxing and enjoying our day. The planner is probably the most important investment you’ll make."

            - Amber S.


"Kelly was worth every single dollar and more. I had a wedding where nearly everything was DIY. I was very particular and she completely came through in every way."

            - Maddie


"Kelly did both the last month of planning and day of coordination. She was outstanding and it was clear after we first started working together how competent she was. There is no question in my mind that having Kelly help was worth every penny. She made it easy for me to enjoy the wedding and not worry about lighting candles!"

           - Izzy H

What happens on day-of?

"From our initial call, I emphasized how I wanted the day to run on schedule to ensure ample time for dancing during the reception. It was not easy by any means, but Kelly executed it to perfection making sure that we were often ahead of schedule rather than on schedule. On the day of, Kelly checked in on us at the hotel, delivered flowers to the bridal party/family, and even brought some of our items to the venue from the hotel ahead of photos; Kelly was everywhere all at once. She wrangled the bridal party, helped my wife with her veil, and even made sure the music was hooked up on the bus to give us a boost of energy after pictures."

               - Patrick M


"I had a bunch of different vendors that she had to keep organized...not easy!! Of those vendors, my most important one almost ruined the day!! The company providing the table, chairs, linens, etc was completely unorganized. (he actually went out of business shortly after my wedding) It's really too much to even start to explain but Kelly had to set the tables VERY last minute, items were missing, the generator didn't have gas. I could keep going. Kelly fixed everything and I had no clue anything was even going wrong. She coordinated my whole ceremony and reception, kept everything on schedule, packed up all my things after the wedding, and so much more! She took something that should have been SUPER stressful/complete disaster and turned it into perfection. I am sure she was almost losing her cool the whole day but you would have never know!! Honestly, I was skeptical when trying to choose a wedding planner. It's a lot of pressure you put on one person. Kelly is your girl!! She is the best!! She is definitely in the right business!! I have to say it again...without her my wedding would have been ruined. Having her saved my day and I could not be any more grateful for her."

                   - Allie M


"Not only is Kelly’s team talented, they’re also very kind, patient, and FUN. They kept the positive vibes going all day. Our wedding parties loved having them around to keep everyone on track with transportation schedules, first looks, etc. I really can’t express how happy and grateful we are in looking at the end product."

                     - Ravina J


 "I was able to tell Ashley my areas of concerns logistics-wise. She executed it perfectly. She cue’d walking of the bridal party, coordinated vendor set-up, got us water, saved us a piece of cake, completed tear-down, and made sure special items were collected. Ashley did a great job and would hire her again!!

                       - Abbi J

"Kelly had a way of understanding my husband's and my overall direction and was able to handle incidents day of the way we wanted and if there was anything questionable, she came to us for confirmation."

                       - Maddie

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