5 Reasons You Might Love Having a Micro Wedding

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Bride and Groom
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With the current pandemic, many couples that are in the process of planning their Weddings have had to develop a Plan B.  Many are significantly cutting down on their guest list for their big day so they can move forward and embrace the idea of a Micro Wedding. We consider a Micro Wedding a Wedding guest count under 50, but typically between 20-30 guests. Micro Weddings consist of many of the traditional aspects of a Wedding including ceremony, florals, a photographer, and reception, just on a much smaller scale.  While not necessarily for everyone, there are plenty of reasons to love a Micro Wedding and why they are great options to pivot your Wedding plans in 2020!

1. More Venue Options

​One of our favorite reasons we love a Micro Wedding is how many more venue options are available to you with a smaller guest count. Cutting the guest count from hundreds of people down to maybe 25 or 30 can allow you to consider some venues that would typically be way too small to accommodate a larger group. Having such a reduced guest count can open the door to using more unique and personal venue spaces for your big day. Some of our favorites include your favorite bar or restaurant, art gallery, park, garden, rooftop, or brewery… there are tons of options! 

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